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WellnessPro+ Plus is 3 Machines in One: TENS + Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) + Microcurrent Frequency Generator

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How does the Wellness Pro work with pain?
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The body's cells function almost like batteries, releasing and storing energy, reproducing and repairing themselves, and using nutrients. A cell also has an electrical charge that flows from one cell to another. That flow can be damaged and keep the body from efficiently and completely repairing itself. The Wellness Pro is meant to act as a jump start to the cell, pushing it to function better by creating the charge it needs to aid in pain relief.

The Wellness Pro Plus is a Professional and Home use frequency generator that is easy to use. You can look up frequencies for particular conditions. Just press AUTO and then the numbers that correspond to the condition. Put the electrodes in the right place and press START; then just relax. This Wellness Pro Plus electrotherapy device is the most safety, accuracy and precision tested frequency unit on the market worldwide.

The Wellness Pro Plus is an exclusive technology, light years ahead of most instruments in research, accuracy, safety features, and convenience. The Wellness Pro Plus has been approved as a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device in that it uses electrical stimulation to relieve Pain.

Wellness Pro Plus is unlike other TENS devices on the market today that have a very limited frequency range.

The Wellness Pro Plus Micro Current Frequency Generator has the largest frequency range and a unique delivery system that blocks pain signals and helps increase blood flow. Thereby enhances various effects of the body that stimulate the cell to a state of restoration and wellness.

The Wellness Pro+ Plus is a Micro Current Frequency Generator, TENS Unit and a Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) device that is cost effective and easy to administer. It is a low risk treatment option that has no known side effects and no drug interference. However, it is not recommended for patients who have pacemakers or are pregnant.

The Wellness Pro+ Plus
The Best Micro Current Frequency Generator on the market!

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Wellnesspro plus

Ergonomic Design with fully custom programmable functions for simple or advanced use.
Five Wave types such as Burst, Spectrum, Sweep, Duplex or Continuous.
Create your own Auto Code programs.
1000 Pain Auto Codes to choose from.
Select your own Frequencies! 1 Million to choose from!


Pain Management
The Wellness Pro Plus Micro Current Frequency Unit assists the body to achieve homeostasis, which is its natural state of well-being by correcting electrical abnormalities in the area of disease or injury. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a noninvasive therapy indicated for the symptomatic relief from, and management of chronic, intractable pain and post-surgical and post-trauma acute pain. For over 30 years the medical community has used TENS as a safe and effective alternative to pharmacological approaches to pain control for many patients.
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The roots of Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) date back to the early 1900's from Dr. Albert Abrams, who was the first physician to use calibrated instruments capable of detecting the radiations of living tissue. Dr. Abrams concluded that: all matter radiates electromagnetic energy; the characteristics of the radiations from any type of matter depend upon the molecular constituents of the material examined; and the radiations emitted by the different organs of living tissues can be detected, selectively differentiated, and the amplitudes measured. Dr. Abrams became convinced that the frequencies involved were radio waves and that electronic equipment could be developed to neutralize and eliminate disease radiations.

Modern Frequency Specific Microcurrent utilizes hundreds of frequencies within the range of .01 to 999 Hz, with varying intensities of 20 to 600 micro amps (sub sensory to nerve firing), and has been shown to be of value to many health concerns. Micro Current Frequency is highly specialized and can be used alone, or with additional therapies as determined on a case-per-case basis. There are no other therapies in medicine that are comparable to Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

Since no tissue biopsy studies have been performed in Frequency Specific Microcurrent, it is not known exactly how Frequency Specific Microcurrent works; however, well over 150,000 patient cases have been studied.

Remember your high school chemistry class

Think about the explanation of the atom. At the center of the atom are the protons and neutrons. This is called the nucleus. The old theory, in the 1960s, was the electrons were spinning in orbits around the nucleus. Modern research has shown that the electrons actually vibrate back and forth in orbits around the nucleus, instead of spinning in continuous, mono-directional circles. This new understanding is the basis of our Frequency Specific Microcurrent theory.

Each tissue in the body has individualized frequencies. The individualized and specific vibrational characteristic of each atom, of each tissue type, varies even more specifically for varying conditions, such as: trauma, inflammation, stress, environmental influences, etc. To put the theory of vibrations in a better overall perspective: different vibrations / frequencies of sound, light, radio waves, etc., are responsible for notes of music, colors of light, and radio stations. Vibrations are specific and unique for all matter, inorganic and organic.

When an injury occurs to a tissue, the electrons in the affected tissue take on a different vibrational characteristic, unique to that injury or other abnormal condition. As the vibrations of the electrons change, it is believed the electrons concurrently may also change to a different "orbit" from what was normal for that tissue type.

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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

   With The Wellness Pro+ Plus Easy to Use

Frequency Generator
Frequency Specific Microcurrent
  • Look up the frequencies for each condition.
  • Press AUTO then press numbers for that condition.
  • Press RUN. Place enclosed Carbon Electrodes on
    desired location. Now sit back and relax. The Wellness Pro does the rest. That's all there is to it.
  • This Wellness Pro electrotherapy device is the most accurate, sophisticated and perfected Energy Frequency machine ever made.
In USA and Canada a prescription for PAIN is required from a licensed practitioner. Buy NOw


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