Wellness Pro Plus 2014

"WellnessPro+ Plus - Micro Current Frequency Generator"

1 Million Frequencies & 1000 Auto Codes (Preset Programs) to Choose From!
FDA, CE, CAN/CSA, ISO 13485, ETL, UL, IEC cleared, certified and approved!
Easiest to use on the market - Treat Two People - Upgradable
0% Interest - Hassle Free Financing - Now Available

WellnessPro+ Plus includes:

1  Wellness Pro+ Plus - Retail $3995.00

2  Universal power adapter (100-240V), use anywhere in the world

2  2 sets of Reusable Electrode Pads

3  Professional Carrying Case

4  2 Stainless Steel Cylinders

5  Operating/User Manual

6  1000 Autocode List

7  One set of large (8"x3") Carbon-Rubber Electrodes

8  one set of small (2" round) Carbon-Rubber Electrodes

9  Tube of conductivity gel

10  Telephone Support

11  3 Year Replacement Warranty

11  Built to Highest FDA, ISO, ETL, IEC, CE standards

11  Insurance pays up to 80%.

Free bonus accessories include & two Wellness Wraps.

It only takes a few minutes per day to get results.
Easy to Use.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Price: $3995.00
Wellness Pro+ Plus Complete Package
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In USA a prescription for PAIN is required from a licensed practitioner

Download Prescription for Medical Necessity

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WellnessPro+ Plus includes:

Wellness Pro+ Plus includes:, Stainless Steel Hand Cylinders, 4 Stick on Electrodes Pads with Wires, Power Supply, Professional Carrying Case, Operations Manual and 1000 Autocode List.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent
Wellness Pro+ Plus




Micro Current Frequency Generator

Micro Current Frequency Generator

WellnessPro Case


Wellness Pro Pads

Cords Cords


0% Interest Hassle Free Financing Now Available


Here's how it works:
$2,000.00 down and $100 a month until you pay off the device.
$2,000.00 down and $150 a month until you pay off the device.
$2,000.00 down and $200 a month until you pay off the device.
Your Credit Card will be billed monthly.

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