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Albert Abrams

Albert AbramsThe beginning of the century was the dawn of the era of the radio frequency age. It grew out of war technology and its suppression in medicine was due to its war mentality, that is, microbes invading the body had to be killed, diseased glands surgically removed, and any innovations and challenges to medical war mentality, had to be suppressed and eradicated. Medicine as we know it, is thus an art form at war with the human body in many of its aspects.

Thus we had such new terms as antibiotics, antimicrobials, antifungals, antiparasiticals, antibodies, anticoagulant, anticholinergic, antihistamine, antiperspirant, etc. "Anti" means against, bios means life. Thus, the widespread use of antibiotics, in humans and animals, has fulfilled its mantic functions.

Many physicians were open to study any method new and of benefit to their patients. That included a field called Radiotherapy. Radiotherapy as defined, not only includes the application of "X-rays", but other forms of radiant energy. In our case, specifically, radio waves, as defined are those electromagnetic waves at a frequency lower than 3000 gigahertz. And that is specifically the waves dealt with in our application. Radionics, as it was called in its original inception, was the science of detecting, measuring, and utilizing microenergetic emanations which radiate from matter. Today, this would be called "nanotechnology." The way in which radionics originated is in itself a fascinating story, but what is even more mysterious is how this simple, yet potent therapy was apparently eradicated from the planet.

The concept of radionics was very simple: all matter emanates radio waves as part of its atomic makeup. The human body generates radio waves which can be detected and treated. When an organ or gland became diseased, its radio waves are thus altered. These could be effectively neutralized by picking them up on the skin, amplifying and inverting them 180° out-of-phase, returned to the patient, which effectively removed the diseased waveforms. Many saw this as the mechanism as to how homeopathic remedies worked, and how liked cured liked.

This same technology is extensively utilized in the acoustic and electronic fields. The methods go by many names such as phase equalizer, phase inversion, and phase modulation. Its application in sound technology is utilized in automobiles, aircraft, architecture, etc., or just about anywhere the reduction and suppression of noise is of benefit. How this well known phenomena of "wave cancellation" was lost as a form of physical therapy escapes anyone of sane and sound mind. This form of treatment was the original proposition of the school of Pathometry , as developed originally by Dr. Albert Abrams (M.D. surgeon in San Francisco ), and later by Dr. Ruth Drown, Wiggelsworth, Jones, Goodheart, and other physicians. Radionics evolved from a form of "percussive" diagnosis used during the Middle Ages wherein the abdomen was "thumped" and a dull tone indicated the area where an organ was operating in a disharmonious state. At the beginning of this century Albert Abrams, a distinguished and highly regarded American physician, modified this technique to where a subject's abdomen was "rubbed" with glass to find a disharmonious area. In the glass-rubbing form of diagnosis Abrams would rub a glass rod around the subjects abdomen until a "stickiness" was felt. Note that Abrams was not looking for something specific, like water or gold, but rather was feeling around for problems with a subject's energetic state of being.

He then began placing biopsied specimens in circuit with the patient and noticed changes with the "stickiness" of the glass rod. This action of resonance created a dragging effect by virtue of electrostatic energy. It came to be known as the Abrams Reaction. He became convinced that the frequencies involved were radio waves and that equipment could be developed toward the goal of neutralizing and eliminating disease radiations by electronic means. Due to his family's wealth and his status as a medical doctor, he built a laboratory to dedicate his ideas full-time.


Abrams found that each person had their own peculiar structure, or energetic fingerprint. To be accurate in diagnosis he used a healthy control subject, whose reactions he became familiar with, and connected them via a single wire to the test subject. He discovered that the energies of the test subject were transmitted along the wire and manifested in his control subject. It was found that a variable resistance placed into this single wire circuit allowed him to keep the wire in one place on the body while changing the resistance. It was discovered that a specific setting of the resistance related directly to an organ's position and status in the body. Abrams further modified this technique to where he took a glass plate, placed a coil underneath it, and connected the coil to the wire and resistance circuit. He discovered that he could get the "sticking" reaction on the glass plate, just as the glass rod rubbers could feel a disharmonious area on the body.

Abrams discovered he could use a patient's blood sample connected to the circuit, and achieve the same bioenergetic connection. Ruth Drown, a Los Angeles Chiropractor well known as a radionic pioneer, circa late 1930s to early 1960s, modified this to where she used a blood crystal like a detector in a crystal radio. She also hooked patients physically into circuits for diagnosis and treatment.

Radionics instruments consist generally of a circuit of resistors or capacitors arranged in a specific pattern or order, which provides a stable system of "rates" which may be dialed in to set the instrument for various organs or disease patterns. This now has been recently verified by Dr. Cyril Smith of Salford University . He has demonstrated that allergic subjects may develop allergic symptoms not only to the presence of a sealed allergen in a glass tube but also to the frequency transmissions of the same allergen generated by means of an electronic resonator. It is evident that it is the physical vibrational properties of matter rather than their chemical properties which are at work with allergens. Could this same observation confirm Lakhovsky's theory that the body can only be infected by pathogens when its radiations wane in power and that by vibrating the body back to optimum quanta, the pathogens have no way to persist ?


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